Introducing Craft HR Solutions and the Overtime Blog

Craft HR was born out of a common interest and passion for Asheville and Western North Carolina (WNC), and a desire to see the area's small business community thrive and prosper.  Our excitement grew as we saw an opportunity to help our local businesses reach new heights.  After some planning and discussion with local business leaders, Craft HR Solutions was launched.

The "Overtime" blog is a place for us to share our reflections, inspirations, and overtime to make our business better.  Research shows that writing can improve your learning by creating time for reflection - something we do less and less of in our connected world.  We think naming this blog "overtime" is appropriate as we are located in a thriving entrepreneurial culture in WNC and entrepreneurs put in many, many extra hours to make their venture successful.  Here we do the same.

We are interested in helping businesses of any size, industry, or phase of growth.  We have a right sized solution for you and can be a resource to you over time (no pun intended).  Why not start a conversation with us today?

Drew & Dave